Thursday, July 19, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share the first of my home decor posts as I finally have a nicer, cuter space to decorate now that I can finally upgrade from college rentals...and have the budget to buy fun home decor now that I have a real job! I've had so much fun setting up our new apartment, finding the perfect pieces to complete our space and really be creative. One thing I knew I wanted in our home was a little bar cart...mainly for the decoration and the styling aspect. You'll notice in the photos that we have about two bottles of wine I've had for at least a year and a bottle of champagne that was from our hotel after our wedding...we don't really drink (I don't hardly at all) but I just think its a fun decor piece. Keep reading to see how I style this piece in our home!

For starters, I purchased this bar cart. It is under $120 and often goes on sale. I love the gold accents combined with the wood. I like pieces that are girly and a little more rustic so that it compliments both Nate's and I's taste...although I'm pretty sure this is just 100% my style and not so much his. He told me he likes it though so we'll just go with that :)

I added this letter board to our bar cart because I love putting fun sayings or quotes on it. These are fun if you have people over or just to display a fun message! I found a little 'bar' sign and added it as well. I found a similar one here that lights up which would be really cute too! I also stacked a few 'coffee table' books for some visual interest. I will link some of my favorites in the shoppable feature at the end!

I found these cute pink glasses and put them on my registry...I am obsessed with them. I also found this adorable wire wine bottle holder for under $30. It also comes in a few different sizes if you need more storage than me ;)

Lastly, I added some cute pink stemless wine glasses we got as a wedding gift, and this gorgeous silver bowl/dish we also got as a wedding gift to the cart to just add another interesting element. There is also a picture of Nate and I framed, just because I love photos!

So there you have it -- my bar cart all styled! I think it turned out cute, and while its fun I wanted to make sure it wasn't an eyesore or too cluttered because I hate that. It fits perfectly in this little nook in our apartment so I just love it!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading and talk to you in my next one!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018



Hey y'all!

Today's post is going to be another wedding themed post -- now that Nate and I have been married for almost two months and have gotten settled into our apartment and our daily routines, I wanted to share a few of our favorite items that we got from our registry. Of course we love it all and really use most everything we got -- but we each picked five things we love that we registered for. I even got Nate to guest write a bit! Keep reading to find out what we loved!

Makenzie: I love our KitchenAid veggie spiralizer attachment. We've only used it a few times, but it is really amazing. I love to make zuchini noodles and it makes it so easy to do so. Nate also likes them and especially likes to operate the spiralizer! Of course it goes perfectly with our KitchenAid Mixer which if I didn't already have, that would be top on my list of items to register for. I use it a ton for baking but so many recipes can be made with it!

Nate: Double sleeping bag (Big Agnes Cabin Creek 15). Do you like camping and snuggling? If so, then we have you covered! This is the Cadillac of double sleeping bags.  You are sure to stay warm and have a good nights rest when you curl up in this burrito of warmth.  There is plenty of room to share, bring along your wife, husband, dog and mother in law if you would like, everyone can fit!

Makenzie: Another great thing we use a lot is our Nespresso. If you love coffee, then you should totally add this to your registry. I love drinking a decaf latte for dessert, and we often make them on the weekends when we have a bit more time to enjoy our coffee!   

Nate: A Firestick is a really fun item to register for!  this is the Swiss Army Knife of home entertainment.  We use it for New Girl binges, afternoon golf naps and playing smooth jazz as we eat dinner.  We can watch the Broncos play on Sundays and the Cats, all in all great gift!

Makenzie: I love our dishware. We actually chose to not get 'china' but rather two sets -- but we use both equally. One is a more expensive and fancier looking. The fancier set is creamy and has beautiful detailing. The more basic set is just plain blush pink -- with no ornamentation or anything. But, I think they honestly look cute together mixing and matching! I like that we use our 'nicer' set everyday though, it seems more practical than opting for china in my opinion.

Nate: We got this coffee pot. Aka the reason I get out of bed every morning.  Jk, Kenzie getting me to the gym is the reason but high quality coffee helps as well.  This baby makes the fuel for your daily engine and exceeds expectations!

Makenzie: I also am so so glad we got a Dyson vacuum. This is the one that we got. I never knew a vacuum could be so life changing, but its really great. Its lightweight, easy to walk around our whole house, and really cleans up any mess anywhere. We can use it on carpet, rugs, hardwood, tile...its amazing! And it cleans up after our dog super well. 

Nate:  If Indiana Jones had suitcase instead of a satchel it would be this bag.  It is very versatile, it could be used for a back country boys trip or a weekend in the Hampton's with your lady.  Hands down my favorite piece of luggage.  

Makenzie: I think everyone should register for fun serving pieces. I love having cute bowls for when we have people over for dinner and I can put different sides in a bowl. I got this one and this one! I also got several pieces like this one that are so beautiful and nice -- I have them displayed throughout our apartment. I am also linking some more fun ones down below!

Nate: This baby cranks out grade A hot sammies (hot sandwiches)! We use our cast iron skillet and grill for most of our meat but the GF is the perfect sandwich tool.  You can turn any ordinary sammie into a hot sammie in minutes! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Even if you're not getting married -- maybe some inspiration for items you could use in your home too!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Hey y'all!

For today's post, I wanted to share the details of some of the outfits I wore this weekend, as I had a full, fun and busy weekend! Nate and I got to go to two country concerts which was a blast. We love country music and especially going to concerts! We saw Nate's favorite band, Turnpike Troubadours, as well as Kenny Chesney's tour with Old Dominion and Thomas Rhett (that was my favorite of the weekend...insert heart eye emoji!)

Anyways, I always love getting dressed up no matter the occasion -- and this weekend was no different. I wanted to share the two looks I wore because I liked them a lot! Both the concerts were outdoors (it was in the 100's this weekend) so it was hard to find a balance between something cute and something that wasn't too hot. I hope y'all find some inspiration if you're heading to a concert or just need a laid back summer look!

I love this little top -- I think it is perfect for country concerts! Its only $32 too which makes it easy to justify ;) I think it would also be cute with a denim skirt, high waisted jeans, under overalls -- its really a versatile piece and the gingham is just so fun. I paired it with my favorite boyfriend denim, some fun layered jewelry, and of course my cowboy boots! You can shop my entire look by clicking any of the shoppable images below the photos.

This is another fun little tank that would be great for a lot of occasions during the summer. Its $25 and I love the rainbow stripes -- all the colors please!! I paired it with a two-tone denim skirt, more jewelry, and some wedges. I felt dumb for not wearing cowboy boots but it was just so hot I couldn't stand the idea of wearing anything that would make me even hotter. I don't know performers get up on stage and roast and still sound good...I was dying just standing there watching and listening!

All in all it was such a fun time having a weekend of concerts. We took it easy yesterday to gear up for another week -- hope y'all are having a great day! Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Monday. Welcome to the start of a new week! If you're like me and a little sad to say goodbye to the weekend -- I wanted to share some inspiration to get you excited for the week! Today I wanted to share a round up of some of my favorite #ootds I have snapped before heading to work. If you're like me, I am always looking for inspiration to keep wearing fun outfits for work, but it can get tricky considering half of my summer wardrobe isn't exactly office attire. Below are five recent outfits I wore as well as links to the items or similar items if you want to recreate my looks!

I love maintaining my colorful style even at work! These slides have been so fun to mix into my wardrobe and style with pieces I already had, like this dress. I love pairing green and yellow together!

This look was super simple to put together. I paired a midi dress that had cutouts in the top with a chambray blouse I knotted over top so it was work appropriate. Super comfy and stylish!

This one is one of my more casual outfits -- it was the perfect Friday look. We are allowed to wear jeans in our office, so I wore my favorite high waisted straight leg pair -- they are under $25! I paired them with this sweater tank, some fun jewelry (these earrings are my fav right now) and my designer dupe sandals that are under $17.

I wore this outfit this week and I just felt so chic. I love that its a tee and jeans but the striped linen blazer and the loafers really dress it up! Everything I am wearing is under $100 -- and I found some similar tees that are under $10!

 I love this look because its the perfect mix of classic with the simple silhouette of the dress, but adding in a statement piece like this camo jacket. This dress is perfect for the office, as well as for play! It does have a bit of a v-neck, so I usually wear it with sweaters and jackets to work. You could easily throw a blazer over for an even more professional look. It also comes in ten different colors -- I think I might snag another color for the fall. It would look really cute with knee high boots and a chunky sweater over top!

This one is perfect if your office setting is more business casual rather than jeans casual like mine. I recently found these gingham pants that I just adore! I love gingham anything, and I've been looking everywhere for a pair. I think they are great for work, but I could also wear them outside of work and love them just as much. I paired them with this flowy peplum tank that you can wear on or off the shoulder. I love the rusty color! I also wore my favorite cutout booties that I've had for so many years but I just never get tired of them!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great week!

Friday, July 13, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Friday -- and Happy Nordstrom Sale time!

Yesterday I was able to shop the sale early since I am a Nordstrom Rewards member and it was kind of a fiasco. The site crashed, everyone was having issues with their orders processing...but luckily it all worked out and I was able to snag some really great finds for amazing prices. The great part about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is that they launch brand new, amazing fall pieces at end-of-season sale prices. I love that you can stock up on fall as if you were shopping clearance goods, but its all brand new stuff!

I have rounded up some of the things I bought, as well as some other really great finds -- I wish I could have bought it all! However, I will be sharing a post with try-ons once my order comes in so that y'all can see how everything fits. If you aren't a card holder, the sale opens next Friday for the public, so you will have time to browse whats good and make your wishlist!

Click any image below to take you to the site where you can view the details and purchase...happy #NSale shopping y'all!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. What was the best thing you purchased? Leave me a comment down below. I am super excited for the weekend -- I am actually going to two concerts! I am going to Turnpike Troubadours tonight and then to see Kenny Chesney and Thomas Rhett tomorrow night at Arrowhead Stadium, which is where the Chiefs (professional football team) play!

Thanks for reading y'all!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share another post in my #OfficeHour Series! In this post, I am going to be sharing my work bag that I have been carrying the past month to work, as well as some of my staples that I like to carry in my bag that help me get through each work day. Keep reading for all the details!

First off, my bag is one of my favorite gifts I received in awhile. Some of my family gave it to me for graduation. It is a real leather crossbody/tote bag and I just love it. It has two pockets on the outside and I think it is just beautiful! Its something I will have forever and will carry every day. Its also the perfect size to fit all the things I need to take with me to work! Here are some of my essentials:

Journal. Sometimes I feel like my mind can work faster than my body and I am always thinking of random things I want to remember to do, write down, tell someone, etc. I always keep a journal with me in every bag, and I use it to 'brain dump'. Basically I just write down random things, and then later I can go back and find the things I thought of in there. I don't like using the notes app on my phone because I don't always have my phone on me or want to be on it while I'm at work, in meetings, etc.

Lipstick, bobby pins, teasing comb, etc. I keep all the essentials for touching up my look in my work bag. My Anastasia lipstick, teasing comb, deodorant, perfume minis, etc. all get thrown into a little cosmetic pouch. I always feel more put together when my lipstick looks good, so I like to make sure I have a go-to color to reapply as needed. :)

Snacks. I'm a big snacker. I really love food and I can also get rather grumpy if I don't have something to eat when I'm hungry. But, I also really love to be healthy and I'm not one to grab a vending machine snack, and I don't like to spend excess money on snacks at the cafe in our office. So, I keep at least one healthy option on me at all times. This could be almonds, a piece of fruit, a Lara Bar, protein shake, or a string cheese. 

Headphones. I also keep my headphones in my work bag because I sometimes listen to music while I'm at my desk if I'm working alone on a longer project. It keeps me entertained and there's also a lady a few cubes over that sings out loud a lot and sometimes I just want to listen to my own music *insert laughing/crying emoji*

Wallet/keys. Obviously my wallet and keys get thrown in here while I'm at work. I don't usually bring an extra purse because that just seems unnecessary. So, the small pockets on the outside are perfect for keeping these valuables in!

Yeti. Lastly, I always bring my yeti coffee mug with me to work. This thing is a major game changer. I have talked about it a couple times in recent posts but y'all. Seriously a must-have. It keeps my coffee warm until the afternoon, and will keep cold things cold just as long. I was a major doubter before but now I couldn't live without this thing.

What are some essentials you carry in your work bag? Be sure to leave them in a comment down below in case I am missing something important! Thanks for reading y'all!