Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today as a part of my #WeddingWednesday series, I wanted to continue talking about some wedding tips and share my thoughts and tips on planning a boho wedding on a budget. I would call my wedding theme an intersection of boho, rustic, and a little touch of glam here and there. The 'boho' wedding trend is huge right now, and you can totally get the look without sacrificing all the added costs. Here are the few tips I have used to make my dream wedding a reality!

1. Utilize Pinterest.
Pinterest is incredible. There are so many great ideas out there, and you can gain so much inspiration from it. From cake styles, to dresses, to décor -- they have all the ideas and more you could possibly need to have a gorgeous bohemian wedding. One tip I did to make sure all my ideas could stay organized is to create separate boards based on different elements of my wedding I wanted to be sure to capture. Having separate boards for the cake, my dress, and different DIY's I wanted to do made it easy to share photos with people when I needed to.

2. Don't overuse Pinterest.
Contrary to my first tip, Pinterest can also be a source of anxiety. At least it was for me! One thing I think people don't realize is that a lot of the photos you see on Pinterest come from styled shoots or magazines that shared their photos to Pinterest. Of course they are the most stunning, gorgeous, and well-thought out ideas, because they had a huge budget to create them! Just remember that not everything can be perfect. 

3. DIY is the way to go.
I opted to have a longer engagement so I could really tackle the wedding planning well. That's one of my biggest tips -- give yourself time! It will allow you to DIY and try and save money that way. I personally think that I would rather save the money and spend the time crafting things myself. There are endless DIY's out there on basically anything you could ever dream of making. I DIY'd the calligraphy on my invitations, the décor signs, and the gold vases used in my centerpieces, just to name a few. Not only does it allow you to save money and make your own pieces, but it also allows you to have everything just the way you want because you can take bits and pieces of different ideas and combine them into one!

4. Less is more. 
The best part of the boho trend is that simplicity is welcomed. You don't need to do a ton of elaborate décor. I love the look of mason jars, wood accents, and pops of gold -- that is what I am doing for my décor. It is timeless and simple, yet still elegant and pretty. And budget friendly, too! 

5. Go green.
One big cost saving idea is to incorporate more greenery and simple flowers, rather than masses of colored flowers. For me, I wanted whites and greens and creams, and it just so happened that it was far most cost effective than doing large amounts of roses, peonies, etc. Plus, the green look fits a bohemian vibe perfectly!

6. Do your research.
I always try and check more than one place before booking or confirming a service. If something seems really expensive, don't say yes right away and do some research. I remember when I really wanted antique doors to walk through during the ceremony. A rental company was asking nearly $400 for me to have them for the weekend, when it was really only for the one hour or so that the ceremony would even take place. I did some research, found a DIY, and drove to an antique store near me. I snagged some antique doors for $20 and with the help of some handy guys in my life, I think I can make the vision come to life on my own. 

7. Let your venue speak for itself.
For a boho wedding, venues often include barns, stables, rustic lodges, or even a gorgeous backyard. In my opinion, if you're getting married or having the reception at a place with a ton of character, be sure to allow the venue to speak for itself. My venue is gorgeous (in my opinion) so it was easy to string a few lights, drape some white fabric from the rafters, and have some simple decorations and allow the woodwork, exposed beams, and simple décor shine. 

8. Don't be afraid to do something different.
The best part about the boho trend is that its just a little different and its always okay to try something new. Weddings these days are totally okay to be an extension of you and your personality, so don't be afraid to try something new that you love!

9. Save without sacrificing style!
I had the opportunity to try on Maggie Sottero Designs bridal dresses and I fell in love. Their Rebecca Ingram line offers gowns that are mostly under $1000, which allows brides to maintain an elegant, bohemian style without sacrificing price. Know when to splurge and when to save, and Maggie Sottero Designs gives you the splurge look with the save price point!

10. Buy secondhand.
One big tip that I didn't really know about until I got more into wedding planning is there are often bridal 'sales' where you can either shop online or visit a physical sale site where people are selling pieces they used in their wedding for a cheaper price. I don't live in a huge metropolitan area, but I know this was still an option where I live, so you can always check Facebook for events or search online! Many people sell their decor this way, so that would be a great option to find more affordable pieces to use in your wedding!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading & checking out another wedding post!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share another Shoesday Tuesday post. I have done several of these in the past and they are some of my most popular posts!

I am a big shoe gal and always have been. Lately I have been into wearing a more simple outfit and just changing out the shoes -- it makes for easy getting ready because the focal point is the shoes you wear! I love basic tees + jeans and then a fun pair of shoes. Luckily, the spring shoe trends are really fun this year and I have been loving wearing them and figuring out how to incorporate the styles into my wardrobe. 

Here are three of my favorite styles for Spring 2018:

1. Mules. These are kind of a year-round trend, but they are even easier to wear in the spring because your feet won't freeze off in the cooler temps #realtalk Also for spring, you can trade out your iconic black pair that was popular for the fall and winter, and try out a more spring-appropriate color like white, silver, or rose gold. I love the metallic look as well! Mine are also under $23 so totally affordable and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, especially if you are unsure of the trend. I personally think its really cute, but every time my brother sees me wear them, he asks, "have I told you I think those shoes look like old lady shoes?" I always say yes, but keep wearing them anyways. Oh, and another funny story -- one time he told me that, and then I went to the grocery store and saw an older woman wearing them too. I laughed, but I was like shes just one stylish lady! 

2. Slingback detail. Slingback shoes are a big trend as well. You can find this detail on heels and flats alike. I chose to snag these flats because I just thought the color was precious. Lilac/lavendar is the it color for spring 2018 so I am accomplishing two trends in one look! These are comfy and I think classy and elegant looking!

3. Pastels. Lastly, I think all of these shoes can fall under the last trend for spring 2018 -- that being pastels. Its certainly not revolutionary that pastels are big for spring. However, I am seeing them more and more in footwear, whereas in past seasons I don't think there were as many options. Go figure! My favorite thing about the trend is just the added color. I am a huge fan of white and neutrals for spring/summer, but you can still keep some color in your look with the help of a cute statement pair of shoes!

And now here are a few looks from my recent Instagrams featuring each of these shoes! You can shop the entire look by clicking the shoppable widget below each image.

Thanks so much for checking out the post! Do you have a new favorite pair of shoes or a trend you are loving for spring? Be sure to leave a comment down below!

Monday, March 19, 2018


Hey y'all! 

Happy Monday!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Today is a great day because I am just relaxing and enjoying my time at home with my family :) I have a few wedding things I am hoping to get accomplished in the next few days, so I will be busy at work with that, but overall it should be relaxing (far better than work or school am I right?!)

Today's look is featuring this adorable dress that I snagged recently. I am so in love with it! There are so many great things about it. First, its a modest length so I can totally see myself wearing this to work. Secondly, it comes in so many colors. Mine is the color "pink adobe" but I also love it in black, grey, many great options! Lastly, it is under $50 so its a great mid-range piece in my opinion. It is something that will last you for several seasons, especially if you pick a neutral color like black that you can wear now with a denim jacket, or with tights and booties in the winter!

I styled mine with a floral neck scarf and my favorite espadrille wedges. This is going to be a repeat outfit for me this spring and summer for sure! My wedges are from last season but I linked several similar pairs. 

I also wanted to share some of my spring bucket list items. With graduation around the corner, many of my things have to do with favorites around my college town but here are a few more general things I really want to do!

1. Rent a tandem bike from Varsity Donut (our local donut shop)
2. Go on a picnic!
3. Go swimming at Pilsbury Crossing (a creek/swimming hole type place)
4. Go camping
5. Walk to get acai bowls with my roomie Shelby!
6. Take Scout to the dog park at the lake
7. Go fishing
8. Eat on a patio
9. Walk to all my favorite coffee shops
10. Work on my tan ;)

Can you tell the spring just makes me want to be outside? I spent every minute possible outside when I can. Anyways, those are just a few things I would really love to do this spring/before graduation :)

What's on your bucket list for spring? Leave a comment down below!

Thanks for checking out the post and talk to y'all tomorrow!

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Hey y'all!

With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to share a round up of some gorgeous dresses that would be perfect for the holiday! I tried to include a variety of styles, colors and price points so that anyone could find something that fits their needs. 

These would also be a great option for weddings, graduations, spring parties, bridal showers, etc. The pastels and florals are always a great option for spring, for any occaision! I also tried to pick pieces with light and breezy materials that could carry you into summer as well. 

Happy Sunday y'all and talk to you in tomorrow's post :)

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I am sharing a special Saturday post because the topic felt fitting to share on a Saturday. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to wake up early and go on a long run. Y'all probably know by now, but I am really big into running. For people who aren't runners this sounds crazy, but I want to say that I wasn't always a runner and today I wanted to share some of my tips to get into running if you were hoping to. Now that its warm, its a great workout and a way to spend time out in the sunshine and get a great workout in.

When I was in middle school, I ran cross country and track, but I had to stop after my freshman year of high school because I had really bad knees from growing too much too quickly. Unfortunately, knee issues still come and go for me but for the most part I still love and really enjoy running. Here are some of the tips that I practiced to enjoy it more!

1. Start out small.
If you want to really love running, you have to start out slow. Run a mile or two a few times a week until its not too difficult for you. If you start out by pushing yourself too hard, its going to be miserable. I know how it feels to push myself too hard and then you just get exhausted and its not fun anymore. A couple miles will only take you 15-20 minutes so its not a huge time commitment either!

2. Start slow.
Start with a really slow pace. Just jog really slowly because not only will trying to run too far kill your vibe, trying to run too fast will too! I am a slower runner naturally, so I also know how it feels to try to run too fast and then not have any energy left after/to finish out my run. You can always train for speed later on, but for starters just go slow. 

3. Motivate yourself with a deadline.
I am always really motivated by having a deadline. If I have to be in shape for a half marathon in a month and a half, I can push myself harder to make it happen. If I just want to "get faster" or "get in shape" its hard to measure and without a deadline, you are likely to just throw it out the window because its hard or boring. Start by signing up for a fun run or a 5K. Don't tell yourself you're going to run a crazy long race because likely then you won't enjoy it either. Find a happy medium of something you can push yourself at, but also something that is still going to be enjoyable. You can always work your way up to a bigger race!

4. Buy some cute workout gear.
For a lot of people, buying a cute outfit or a few workout pieces to motivate you and make you feel good while you work out is a great place to start. I love shopping at Target or Marshall's for workout gear because its really cute but not too expensive. Or if you love high end pieces like Lululemon, treat yourself to get some motivation!

5. Find a good distraction to do while running.
Ok, lets be real, sometimes running for long periods of time is just boring. For me, I am always thinking so its nice to have time that I can just think through everything thats floating through my head when I am not suppose to be working on something else. But, if just thinking sounds awful, make a fun playlist with upbeat music, listen to a podcast, or if you're running on a treadmill, watch Netflix! I usually run in the early mornings, so I often times listen to worship music and pray! Just find something that keeps your mind occupied so you aren't thinking about the run.

6. Give yourself grace!
Running is hard, and we all need grace! Give yourself time and don't push yourself too hard. Once you get into shape, I personally think it gets easier and more fun. I usually hate all other kinds of working out, so its pretty much the only fitness routine I do. 

7. Have the right shoes.
This is a huge thing in my opinion! It is always a good idea to get fitted for your first pair of running shoes. I don't know everything about running shoes but I did find a certain brand that I really love that support my joints/knees which is something I am always focused on. Not every sneaker is made for running, and some brands are okay for going to the gym, but are so bad for running. Its definitely a hobby you'll need to invest in a little, but its worth it to make sure you aren't harming your body!

8. Get a buddy.
I wasn't always into running with other people because I am slower than some, like Nate for example. He's also so much taller than me, but I would get so tired so quickly trying to keep up with him! But, if you can find a friend who is on a similar journey as you, or can run at your pace, this is a great idea! Between having someone to hold you accountable to getting out there and running, to having someone to talk to while you run -- or to just share in your pain ;) This is a great tip to get you going!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and got a little motivation to try out running or keep going with your fitness journey! Remember its always a marathon not a sprint ;) ok I had to. But really, you aren't going to get good at something difficult overnight so just keep at it y'all!

Have a great weekend! Today I am headed to Nebraska to a bridal shower that my sweet aunts are throwing for me. My mom is driving up and my bestie Megs is coming with me too so I am just so excited. This whole wedding process has showed me how many people really care about Nate and I and its just wonderful. I'm also excited about my outfit I'm wearing...#honestyhour so be sure to check out my Insta because I'm posting an OOTD there!

Also tonight after the shower I am heading back home and I can't wait to see my dogs and cuddle with them in my bed. No matter what, I always get the best sleep in my bed at my parent's house. I'm thinking that's going to be an issue because I won't really sleep there much after May...but its the little things that make life great right?! ha. 

Anyways enough rambling! Talk to you in Monday's post. I'm excited about next week's content so be sure to check back for more:)